Paullina, Iowa — Three people were taken to the hospital after an accident on Sunday, April 13 near ambulance_sxc

The O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office reports that about 5:20 PM, 35-year-old Jeffery Jasper of Ft. Dodge was eastbound on Highway 10, about four miles east of Paullina in a 2004 Dodge pickup. Forty-six-year-old Robert Barnett of Sandy, Oregon was westbound on Highway 10 in a 2013 Kia. Twenty-nine-year-old Justin Buss of Sioux Falls was eastbound on Highway 10 in a 2004 Honda. The report says there was blowing snow at the time and slush on the roadway.

The report says Jasper lost control and crossed into oncoming traffic. Barnett struck the Jasper pickup in the rear as it spun out in front of him. Buss, who was behind Jasper, also struck the Jasper pickup as it spun in front of him.

Jasper, Barnett, and a passenger in the Barnett car, 18-year-old Kaylee Barnett were transported to Baum Harmon Mercy Hospital in Primghar, Jasper by Paullina Ambulance and the Barnetts by Sutherland Ambulance.

Jasper’s Dodge pickup received $4000 damage. Barnett’s Kia received $15,000 damage, and was totaled. Buss’s Honda received $2000 damage.

Jasper was charged with Failure To Maintain Control.

Sanborn, Iowa — A Primghar woman was taken to the hospital after an accident on Friday, April 11 near Sanborn.
The O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office reports that about 2:20 PM, 22-year-old Alicia Long was northbound on Redwood Avenue, about a mile and a half south of Sanborn in a 1998 Ford.

The report says Long lost control on the gravel and entered the ditch, striking a bridge. The car continued over the bridge and came to rest upside down in the water.

Long was taken to Sanford Sheldon by Sanborn Ambulance.

Long’s Ford was totaled with $3000 damage.

Larchwood, Iowa — A Brandon, South Dakota man has been arrested on a felony charge in connection with the theft of construction equipment in Larchwood.Lyon County Sheriff Car Door 60-8

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office reports that they arrested 55-year-old Kevin Dean Miller of Brandon, SD on Wednesday, April 16th.

He was charged with First Degree Theft, a Class C Felony in connection with the theft of a Caterpillar Telescopic Handler, bucket and pallet forks. That’s one of those machines that looks like a forklift on a long boom that can be raised and extended.

The machine and its attachments were stolen from Security Savings Bank in Larchwood on October 18th, 2013.

At the time of his arrest, Miller was found to be in possession of everything reported stolen.

The stolen items were valued at about $35,000.

O'BrienSheriffA Primghar man’s Chevy was damaged in an accident on Sunday, April 13th near Primghar.

The O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office reports at 4:30 pm, 18 Year-old Zachary Neiman was driving eastbound on B-40 out of Primghar in a 2011 Chevy Cruz when Neiman lost control due to heavy slush and snow. The car went into the south ditch and struck a Resume Speed sign.

Neiman’s Chevy received $2,000 damage. The sign received $200 damage.

there were no injuries reported

Sheldon, Iowa — A Sanborn man has been arrested after an assault call at the Sheldon Motel.

Law Enforcement Lightbar redThe Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that about 8:10 PM on Tuesday evening, April 15th, officers were called to the Sheldon Motel.

Upon further investigation, officers discovered that a male suspect had allegedly assaulted a female victim at the motel and left the area. The suspect, 47-year-old Michael Rydstrom of Sanborn was located in Sheldon a short time later by law enforcement officials. He was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic abuse assault, second offense.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the Sheldon Police Department and the O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office.

Margaret MurphyIowa State University Extension and Outreach helps carry Iowa State’s land-grant mission beyond campus, to be the university that best serves the citizens of Iowa. With Iowa State University, Extension embraces the land-grant philosophy of:

  • access to high-quality education
  • research applied to the needs of Iowa, the nation, and world
  • extending knowledge to strengthen Iowa’s economy and citizens’ quality of life

Iowa State University Extension does that by offering practical, how-to education based on powerful university research. It’s available to any resident of Iowa and is tailored to meet the needs of Iowans, needs we know firsthand. Extension educators, specialists, and volunteers live and work in all 99 Iowa counties.

We recently spoke with ISU Extension horticulture expert Margaret Murphy about trees and tree planting.

Click or tap the play button above or this link to listen.

She also reports that trees are sometimes available through the Soil & Water Conservation District. Those offices can often be found in the same office as NRCS, although not always. Look up your county’s Soil & Water Conservation District for more information.

streetscape_afterSheldon, Iowa — When the Sheldon City Council met two weeks ago they asked a committee to come up with a proposal for downtown amenities with a cost of up to thirty thousand dollars. All the council members except Ron Rensink voted in favor of this process.  But when the council met this Wednesday, two of the members who had voted in favor didn’t seem to want to accept any proposal.   City Manager Scott Wynja presented the council with a plan that included ten rectangular concrete planter boxes, four round concrete planter boxes, five wrought iron trash cans and two wrought iron park benches.  The lowest cost was a little over twenty thousand dollars, and the higher cost quoted was about twenty-two thousand dollars.  Council member Geels made a motion to accept the more expensive models because he wanted to get the best.  Council members Sawyer and Fonkert voted no, along with Rensink.  So, a new motion was made to accept the lower cost items.  The same members voted no, defeating this motion as well.  Sawyer said he wanted to know if the product would ‘hold up’ before he would vote for it.   Fonkert said he voted no because the boxes were ‘too big’ and ‘too many’. When asked what price level they would accept they did not respond.   Council members Hindt and Geels spoke in favor of the amenities, saying they would brighten up the downtown and if they were not purchased, it would be like building a house without doing the landscaping.

Even if the trash cans, planters and park benches do not become a reality, there will be some flowers downtown Sheldon this Summer.  The Marketing Committee will again provide the same number of hanging baskets, but not as many of them will be downtown.  The reason is that the new light poles will not hold the baskets.  However, there are four of the older stronger poles at the corner of ninth street and third avenue and four more at the corner of ninth street and fourth avenue.  The rest of the baskets will be hung on similar poles in other areas of the city.

The council also discussed a problem with sewer installation for the undeveloped portion of the Runger Addition,  heard the first reading of a RAGBRAI ordinance, after much discussion accepted the work on the downtown project,  heard an update on the new sports complex, and discussed the possible purchase of land.

We’ll have a full report on these items on later newscasts on KIWA and KIWA-FM Radio.


Sheldon, Iowa — As we approach RiseFest — the annual Christian Music festival that Rise Ministries puts on in Sheldon every Father’s Day weekend — we had intended to have Rise Ministries Founder and President Rob Roozeboom and his sidekick Lee Stover on our KIWA morning show every Wednesday morning.RiseFest pic300

But this Wednesday morning, Roozeboom was feeling a little under the weather, so he didn’t come in — but he had some news to share anyway, so we caught up with him over the phone.

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He had a few more notes for us to keep in mind as well.

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That’s RiseFest — Father’s Day weekend — in Sheldon.

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Sibley, Iowa — Five teens from the Sibley area are statewide winners in a contest.

sibley library videoThe Collaborative Summer Library Program or CSLP says the group won the Iowa part of the 2014 Teen Video Challenge. The Teen Video Challenge is a national competition for teens to get involved with reading and their public library’s summer reading program. Winning videos were selected at the state level to be recognized as an official CSLP Teen Video Challenge winner for 2014.

Iowa’s winning video for 2014 was submitted by a group of five teens from the Sibley Public Library, Paige Hurlburt, Mariah Elser, Ben Wollmuth, Skylar Rueter and Rachel Poppen. The teens who submitted their video were sponsored by youth services librarian Rachel Loutsch.

This video competition is in its fourth year of encouraging teens to get involved with promoting summer reading and public libraries with a focus on the CSLP 2014 slogan, “Spark a Reaction.” Each participating state selected one winning video to be named the official CSLP Teen Video Challenge state winner for 2014. Twenty-six states and over one hundred teens participated in the creation of these winning videos.

The winning videos exemplify the diversity of our country and of the teens that created them. Whether produced by an individual teen, groups of teens, a teen library club, or a teen school group, all exhibit creativity and illustrate quality work on the part of the industrious teen filmmakers. Many videos use humor or literary references to communicate the “Spark a Reaction” idea. Others use more introspective and informative approaches, incorporating inspirational quotes and original music compositions. In addition to promoting reading and the “Spark a Reaction” slogan, it is clear from all these videos that teens value their public libraries.

For their hard work and creativity, each winner for this year’s competition will receive a monetary award of $275 and the associated public library will receive prizes worth $125 from CSLP and Upstart. The awards can be used as each winner sees fit.


Official CSLP Teen Video Challenge winners were named from the following states: Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

To view this year’s winning videos, please visit CSLP’s website at The winning videos can be used by all teens and all public libraries to
promote summer reading nationwide.

CSLP plans to continue the Teen Video Challenge for 2015. Please check the CSLP website ( <> ) in early fall for information on the 2015 Teen Video Challenge. CSLP is a consortium of states working together, sharing ideas, expertise, and costs to produce a high-quality summer reading program for children, teens, and adults.